And the gates closed gently

Early last Saturday morning I headed off to Oranmore to drop off my young man to the Colga under 8 training. I've been continuously impressed by the organisation of the managers of this team and last Saturday was no different. Cones laid out, balls ready, enthusiasm levels on a high as the little men hopped out of their cars full of life and ready for the most important date of their week...clutching their red and white shirts and pulling up their slightly too big red socks...fretting because their shin pads just would not stay their young eyes they were taking the first steps towards premiership ambitions. And, as I looked around, I could see the cars pulling up....doors opening,

Any Given Saturday.....

The title of the movie was Any Given Sunday, starring Al Pacino and the American Football team, the Miami Sharks, but for me, it was all about last Saturday. For anyone that wonders about the worth of a local, community based football club, you only had to be at Colga's grounds in Kilcornan last Saturday. Over the course of the day, from 9am until dusk, I'm guessing that close to a hundred players, coaches, parents, and the all important "I'm dragged to the match" siblings were at the pitches. Two great competitions were being played out in addition to training for our underage teams. What happened during the day really struck me. I arrived up at the pitch around one o'clock. I was fresh f

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