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new manager, new hope, grass roots excitement

Another big week in Irish Football. End of the Trap era and no doubt lots of different emotions and feelings at the grassroots level. Achievement wise, getting close to one world cup, qualifying for the European finals, looks a worthwhile accomplishment. As a football fan, and someone dedicated to working with young players, my own personal view was one of dissappointment over the past 5 years. It is sad to see the style of play from an Irish football team and certainly not an approach I would encourage at our club. My hope is the association will make the right choice and invests into a manager and structure which encourages the overall development of the game. My one true desire is to rediscover my love and care for our international football team. On a more local note, this weekend and next marks the start of two of the most significant competitions on the Juvenile football stage and creates lots of grassroots and local excitement - this is where the game is truly loved and played. The Connacht Cup kicks off for our juvenile teams this weekend and represents the opportunity to play against some of the best teams across the county. Next weekend, the underage FAI (All-Ireland) competitions kick off and is one of the most exciting competitions to be a part of. As a player it was a competition that I loved as it provided the chance to travel and meet teams from such diverse areas. Needless to say, I'm hoping Colga will prove ourselves on the field but most importantly I hope our players get the opportunity to take part in 2 historical competitions which have proved the breeding ground for so many successful players Also want to wish Gerry Martin and our junior mens team the best of luck in the 1st round of the Junior FAI cup. A daunting fixture away to Mervue on Sunday awaits. Good luck lads. Dave

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