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Waiting for that text

It amazes me the power of the desire we feel as we want our respective teams to do well. I was travelling home from abroad this Saturday and it meant missing my u12 team's Irish cup match. Unfortunate I thought, but, no bother, I'd get a text with the score when it was all done. I'd sit back at the airport, have a cuppa, and read the paper. The team was in great hands and there was nothing I could do. Alas, little did I know how much I would fret as I sat at the airport waiting for the beep, the chirp, the little electronic noise that would confirming the win/loss/or draw. It was hell. I paced, I turned the phone off, then on, then off again...I ran through the scores a thousand times in my head. We won, we lost, it was definitely in extra time. Certainly, no paper or cup of coffee.... Finally, the ping came....I waited, touched the envelope icon, looked away, partially covered the screen, and then yelped with relief...thankfully, we won. And, I know, my delight was another coaches despair. I write about this as I want to emphatise with all of the managers and coaches out there who give so much of their time and energy. Involvement in coaching is wonderful and rewarding but also stressful and irritating. The hours of training in howling winds and screaming rain....when you're hands are so cold your bum becomes the heater...when you stand on the sideline pretending you are calm and cool only to follow yourself seconds later sprinting towards the goal. When you miss that match yet yearn for that result. But, please, always know, the impact that you have as a coach is so wonderful and impactful. Some of the greatest influencers on young lives are those that dedicate their time and passion to the coaching and development of young people as they grow as individuals as part of a team. Certainly, from us all here in Colga, we recognise this and we salute you all. Thank you to all the wonderful coaches and managers we have in this club. Dave

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