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"We aim to provide an environment that promotes; Inclusivity, Opportunity, Teamwork, Development and most of all Fun"

Our Football Philosophy


Now this is not where we get preachy but we would like to let people know what we're about.


Our focus for all of our players is to give them the best possible coaching that they can get, especially at a young age. We are very concious that Colga could be the first experience of football for a lot of kids and it needs to be both fun, inclusive and appropriate. This means getting the right coaching in place for all our age groups.


We work on developing our players and our coaches as much as we can. Many of our coaches have taken the FAI Kick Start 1 course and are moving onto Kick Start 2. This allows us to create the proper FAI approved development structures for players up to U12 level.


For our cadet players, up to U11, we focus on creating an environment where players of all abilities are coached and play together. This helps to create an environment where teamwork and cooperation are the fundamental principles that each player learns and allows kids to grow and improve together over time. We always enter teams of overall equal ability into the cadet tournaments.

Code of Conduct for Young Players 

As a Colga player,
I will always show CARE and RESPECT
for the people who play and work with me.


Care and respect for MYSELF

1. I will always try my best.

2. I will have my full kit, including shin guards, ready in time for training or matches.

3. I will let my coach or manager know if I feel unwell or if I am injured.

4. I will let my coach or manager know if I don’t understand something.

5. I will let my coach or manager know if I don’t feel safe.

6. If someone makes me feel unsafe I will get away and tell my coach or manager or an adult I trust.

7. I will train hard and practise my skills often so that I can improve.


Care and respect for PEOPLE WHO PLAY WITH ME

1. I will play fair. 

2. I will show care and respect for opponents. Without them we would have no game. 

3. I will shake hands with opponents before and after a game. 

4. When we score or win I will avoid celebrations that might offend the other team. 

5. When we lose I will congratulate the other team. 

6. I will encourage and support players who are not as good at football as I am. 

7. I will let my coach or manager or some other adult know if I think someone is being bullied.


Care and respect for PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH ME

1. I will be on time for training and matches.

2. I will greet my coach or manager by name at the beginning of the session and thank him/her by name at the end. 

3. I will listen to my coach or manager and co-operate with him/her so that I can learn and improve. 

4. I will make sure that my behaviour doesn’t stop other players from listening, learning and improving.

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