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It was autumn, a good few years ago, and a good friend of mine walked out of his apartment in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he looked up, smiled, and said, "there is football in the air." Yes, he was referring to the beginning of the college American football season, games attracting 100,000 people, and as we enter into October and the 2nd month of our new season his words still strike strong. There may not be the hundreds of thousands in attendance, but, already, all of the Colga teams have embarked on this season's journey - for us all, players, coaches, parents, and friends, it will be a rollercoaster of emotions. Expectations that will either develop from the kindle embers into roaring fires or will be extinguished as soon as the first October rain hits. Whether it comes from the fields of Knoxville Tennessee or our home in Kilcornan Woods, there is definitely that beautiful smell of "football in the air." This season, Colga FC has competitive teams playing in Galway Football Leagues from under 11 to senior men's. We are fortunate to be able to field boys teams from u11-u15 and junior men's. Our girls and ladies represent our club across every eligible age-group from u10 to u18. One needs only to hop up to our home ground, Kilcornan, any night of the week, to see the impact of football across all of these players as we continue to ensure we build our home amongst the woods. The heart and sole of Colga FC is to provide an opportunity for all players to develop themselves as individuals through the medium of football. This is as true for the child kicking their first ball at under 5 as it is for our teenage and adult teams competing at the higher levels. As a club, we certainly wish each and every one of our players the enjoyment they deserve on and off the pitch as part of our club. No doubt, it will be an eventful and "story" filled season.


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